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Hi there.

I need a sanity check.

I just got of the phone with TiVo regarding my the new TiVo HD I set up last week, because I am still having pixelization issues issues even after getting the "b" software update.

I'm seeing the pixelization intermittently but fairly often-- it occurs pretty much on every kind of channel-- HD, digital, and analog. I'm using a pair of Scientific Atlanta S-cards, and connecting via HDMI.

Here's where it gets confusing (to me, anyway). I also occasionally see pixelization not just in programming, but in the TiVo menus as well. The TiVo rep seemed to think that this indicates a problem with my box and recommended I exchange it, but I've heard that this problem is still fairly widespread (including within the menus) and that TiVo is working on a fix (though my service rep didn't seem to know anything about that).

If this is something that's going to be addressed in a software update in a week or two, then the last thing I want to do is exchange the box and have to go through the grief of scheduling Comcast to come out again and reenable my CableCards for nothing (they are always clueless, and will not deal with CableCards without a truck roll).

Can anyone shed some light on what's really going on here and what I should do?
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


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You might get more specialized help if you asked these questions in the Series 3 TiVo forum. :)

In that forum, there has been a lot of talk about pixelization on the second tuner using Scientific Atlanta cable cards. People using the Motorola cards seem to be having less problems.

I don't know about the pixelization in the menus, though. You might want to do some reading the the Series 3 forum for more on that.

Good luck. Hopefully, TiVo will fix these problems with the version merge to v8.4 so all the Series 2 and Series 3 TiVos will be on the same software version.

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