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First off thanks for anyone who offers any advice ;)

I recently purchased a Tivo HD unit.

I've noticed that every day or two the cable input will stop working.

The Tivo is not locked up, the menus work correctly and you can navigate to Now Playing and other Tivo specific menu functions, but the Live TV is not working.

When this happens the screen is black.

I have tried the following:

1) Switching channels on Tuner 1 and Tuner 2
2) Go to Now Playing and open a recorded program and then going back to Live TV

The screen unfortunately remains black, and now live TV will come in.

I have been able to fix it the issue EVERY time by restarting the Tivo.

It seems like the last few times it has happened it was working when I left for work, and wife said it went out some time around noon.

I'm a bit confused by the matter. I tried calling Tivo and they said it would be fixed when I get my Cable Cards, but I don't think that is the issue. I'm not even using HD.


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I had the same problem when I first got my unit. When this happened, previously scheduled programs would fail to record. The reported reason for this was the box couldn't find an input video signal (I forget exact wording).

However, it hasn't happened lately. Two changes:

1) I added an external distribution amplifier to my cable. This means my TiVo is now getting a very clean, strong signal.

2) My box upgraded itself to the b2 software.

Maybe one or both of the above fixed the problem. I used to have it every few days but haven't seen it in well over a week.

I could fix my box simply by going into the menu function to test signal strength. When I did that the signal strength would invariably be strong, close to 100%.

Doing that is a lot simpler than restarting the unit.

Unfortunately I don't trust the signal strength function. Change too many channels there and the box will reboot on its own. So there's probably a bug in the code such that it is randomly writing to memory. After a while: BLAMMO!
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