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OK - Where are these supposed instructions on upgrading the hard drives on the new HD Tivo units? :confused:

I have not yet purchased my HD Tivo units yet as I am still with Directv (I am still running my Microsoft Ultimate TV units which I upgraded years ago) but will be swtiching to Fios in the next month or two.. The UTV upgrade was easy but I had really good instructions (the old blind squirrel ones for those who may remember).

I need to upgrade my HD Tivos when I get them (the wife watches TONS of TV), but unsure if I should do it myself or buy new upgraded units from DVRUpgrade.com (they are cheaper than weeknees). I looked at their prices and when you take into account the price of the HD Tivo and the hard drive, essentially they get about $100 for the upgrade.

Questions for everyone:

1). Are there any instructions out there on how to upgrade the hard drive for the new HD Tivos?

2). If not, what is everyone's opinion on DVRUpgrade? Have you used them before? Are they reliable?

Thanks for you help in advance.
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