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Dr_Diablo said:
Drives for the Tivo HD, just to upgrade the Series 3 units...

My hats off to anyone brave nuff to swap out an internal drive. I prefer to add an second drive via the SATA port
This is SUPER easy to do. Really, really, really simple...I'd say the hardest part was getting at the tricky screw at the front part of the case (I should go and get a screwdriver torx 8 or whatever number it is, instead of an all in one).

For those that are afraid of a little Linux, WinMFS is now available for anybody running Windows 2000 and up (with some service packs installed, mind you). I did the good 'ol Linux way, but I'm going to 'de-drive' my tivo tomorrow to check out the 'Supersize option' to have a few more hours (can you really ever have enough?).

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