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Careful what you read when someone is selling you something. :eek:

Acoustic Management The DB-35 is only of value for the TiVo for its pre-set “silentseek actuator profile”. This feature forces users to pay a premium for a silent seek when other manufacturers use industry standard methods to allow end-users to adjust noise level easily themselves.

Thermal Control This is nothing more than the standby and sleep modes that most drives now have. Not applicable to the TiVo S3/HD which never sleeps.

A/V Streaming related Error Recovery These features are part of a specialized command set and are also irrelevant to the TiVo which will make no use of those features. The TiVo is only looking for a regular SATA hard drive, and thankfully so, too. Otherwise we would be locked in to a specific vendors model for upgrading. The 10 simultaneous streams capability may eventually be of some value for the TiVo S5 or whatever. The current demands on the hard drive are so minimal that the vast majority of time the TiVo's hard drive is just waiting for something to do.

Durability The same as Seagate's other equivalent non-DVR drives. Nothing special here.

The DB-35 (and the CinemaStar and other new DVR drives) is intended as an OEM drive that a manufacturer would build a system around using it's custom command set or having Seagate configure the drive in the firmware especially for the manufacturer. Short of that it is just seen by the TiVo as a regular SATA hard drive.

The DB-35 is a great drive and the most appropriate of Seagate's offerings (because of its quietness) but the spew from Weakness is taking advantage of the warm fuzzy marketing syndrome we all fall victim to. If we think it is better we feel better about it. The DB-35 is no better than an equivalent quality regular SATA drive from another manufacturer that has been manually put into quiet seek mode.

For more info, go to the source:
Seagate Technology Paper
DB35 Series 7200.3 Data Sheet
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