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Tivo HD connected with Composite or Svid

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How does the S3 or THD output through composite cables? Can it send a widescreen signal?

In our gameroom I have a wii & Xbox 360 using the only two component inputs for a 4-5 yr old 57" Hitachi HDTV, I wanted to add another Tivo for this room because sometimes we watch games/movies in there, but mostly for recording the kids shows. I want to add a Tivo, and figure I should buy the THD rather than a DTS2. But without the additional Hd inputs, I would have to use composite or svideo.

Any idea how this setup would behave relative to the composite cable? Could it even do anything with the picture for OTA HD channels? I realize I cannot get true HD signal through these cables, but at least widescreen would be nice on those channels.

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No it won't do HD or 16:9 over composite or S-Vid Cables.

My recomendation is use the HDMI if the TV has one. If not. Then I would recomend getting a Component Switch box. They can easily be had for as little as $39 for manual switching of 2 Components to 1 output. to as much as $100 for a remote controlled 4 in 1 out switch.

Check with Best Buy, Fry's, CC, and a few of your higher end Home theater stores. Or online as well.


Put the TiVo HD on component and put the WII on S-Video or Composite as the WII does NOT put out true HD content where as your TiVo HD does put out TRUE HD as well as your Xbox 360. It puts out true HD content as well. The wii isn't true HD.

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Good point on the Wii on SVideo, the difference between 480p wii and Wii on Svideo probably will not be that big of a deal. I do know the difference between wii component and wii composite was a big deal. With the composite, everything looked blurry.
TexasGrillChef said:
No it won't do HD or 16:9 over composite or S-Vid Cables.
Actually, the Tivo will downconvert 16:9 HD channels to 16:9 SD for output over composite and s-video.

That said, 16:9 SD doesn't look anything like 16:9 HD so I would second the recommendation for a switcher. Monoprice.com (a reputable online retailer) sells one for $33.50, although I don't know how good it is.
I really wish the Series3 would letterbox 16:9 material on the s-video output, so I could have an extra TV connected to it. Is anyone aware of any kind of device that can "squish" the output so it looks right when connected to a 4:3 TV (while also having the component output connected to a 16:9 TV?)
Arcady said:
I really wish the Series3 would letterbox 16:9 material on the s-video output
No. No. No. I definitely don't want that.

Right now I can take the material on the s-video output and save it on my DVD recorder. Then, when I play it back on a 16:9 TV I can "unsquish" it using a setting on my TV. It's not HD, but it is nice! And it's full screen on the 16:9 TV.
Then at least make it an option. I don't want to buy a new TV for the kitchen, but I'll have to if I can't find a way to squish/unsquish it.
I saw a great 15" LCD HDTV at best buy for $199. :) Even had an HDMI input! It was an off brand though. But for a kitchen wouldn't be a bad alternative.

Even had PC inputs. I was thinking about it myself. To replace the computer monitor I have in my kitchen that I have hooked to a PC.

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