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Hello All-

I just finished (after a year) getting all the pieces for my HD setup. I am no techie, and admit I know the minimum about this HD World I have entered so please bare with me. I have the new Sceptre Full HD TV, HD Tivo, PS3, and a Sony STR-DG910 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver. I have always had Tivo but just upgraded to HD Tivo this week and that's when all the problems began. My Tivo, and PS3 connect to my Sony receiver via HDMI, and the Sony Receiver outputs to my TV via HDMI.

So now for my problems. For starters my Tivo takes about 15 seconds before it displays on the TV. Is that normal considering my setup, or a Tivo Problem?

Secondly the picture is very poor. I thought with 1080i and p "native" TV , and the auto up conversion of the Sony I would be blown away. I dont know if this is the Tivo wanting to control the picture, and the Sony wanting to, and then finally the TV... or just a Tivo issue. As I said, I know almost nothing about HD setups, and thought these components would make it easy as they all promise to automatically configure things. I guess I was wrong.

My final and real issue is with Cablevision. I ran all the Tivo updates BEFORE Cabelvision got here to install the 2 CableCards. They are both NFS and not Scientific Atlanta. When the tech came he seemed to have no idea what he was doing. He put a card in slot 2 first (i think it says to insert in slot 1 first) then he put the other card in slot one. He made a phone call, saw the channels worked and left. He didn't program anything, or do anything else. And everything WAS fine until... reboot.

I went to check a few shows, and nothing was recorded but black. Then I checked live TV and only one source works (Cable Card 1 not 2) Upon going to the Cable card menu, I got an error message 161-0. I then rebooted and things only got worse. Each time Tivo reboots now I get an error "161-0 which then instantly changes to 161-2". The problem always seems to be with Cable Card 2. I call Cablevision, and they "re-hit the card" which seems to fix it. But then when the Tivo restarts at 2AM it errors out. Very annoying as I miss the recording of my shows due to this. My Tivo will not work at all now when there is a Cable Card 2 error. I have since found out, if i just put out the card and re-insert it will also fix it (until reboot) so I dont have to call Cablevision anymore. Today i thought maybe him not putting the card into slot 1 first was the problem. So I removed both cards, then took the card that was in slot 2, and put it in slot 1, and the card from slot 1 and put it in slot 2. I then restarted the tivo twice, and both times with no error anymore. However, now it pops up a grey calibration screen when tivo starts (and randomly during watching) to show the card info. But at least its not losing the signal, and not recording, and erroring out anymore. But I cant help but worry its not a really fix and will just error out again (probably when my favorite show is set to air).

If I bypass Tivo, and just go off my cable line directly to the TV I dont get these problems so the issue is either the cable cards, or the Tivo. Can any of you offer any advice or suggestions on what I should do, or what you think the problem is? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I only have 10 days left to return this Tivo HD and I dont want to at all!

I believe in Tivo-
Eric :)
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