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So I've had random pixelization and random audio dropouts on my Tivo HD since I got it. Pixelization is livable but the audio drop outs are driving me crazy.

Tonight I just realized something. When I listen to sources that are PCM 48Khz (like MP3 streamed from my PC or recordings made off the analog tuner) there are zero drop outs. None.

Anything that is Dolby Digital (of any kind -- 2/0, 5.1, etc) gets random drop outs. Usually 3 or 4 times per hour... sometimes more. Hit instant replay and the audio plays over the spot that just dropped.

If anyone else out there is having random audio drops, try changing your digital out to PCM and see it that changes anything.

PCM out isn't really workable as I don't like loosing the 5.1 output, but for now the lack of dropouts is better than 5.1 with dropouts.

I assume with everyone out there using their Tivo HD with Dolby Digital enabled, this problem is relatively isolated? Is this some kind of incompatibility with my receiver? It's a Sony STR-DE885 -- which has no trouble with Dolby Digital from my other devices. Sony DVD player, Xbox, Xbox 360, Motorola HD-DVR, etc. In other words, will this ever get fixed with a software update?
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