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This is a strange one but I will do my best to explain this so here it goes.

Just picked up the TiVO HD and am using it with a Comcast MCard. All working great (almost). I unplugged my comcast cable box and I unplugged all the cables (Component) and plugged them into my TiVo. Since the TiVo does not have a coax digital connection, I bought a box that looks like the Cables To Go 40018. Sorry. I can't post URLs yet. Too new..

I have one end of the coax cable into the receiver and the other into the coax connector on the box above. Then I have an optical cable into the optical end and the other end into the TV.

Prior to the Tivo, I would get sound from my TV if the receiver was off and when I turn the receiver on, I would get the sound from my home theater speakers..

The problem is my receiver only has one coax and one optical and my optical is in the DVD player.

Anyone run across this? I am thinking it is user error.

I would swap the DVD optical with the TV Coax on the receiver but then I would have to switch receiver to DVD to watch TV and to TV to watch DVD.

I know this is weird but I am thinking somone has seen this before...



Ok so I testing things by moving the optical cable to my tivo and switched my receiver to DVD and I got the Dolby Digital Audio. So it looks like the TiVo is fine and the optical cable is fine. It's either my receiver (yamaha RXV992) or the little converter. I am 99.9 percent sure it is not my receiver. Even though it is old, it still works great.

It's probably the converter which maybe bad or the tico just doesn't like a converter in the middle. Maybe I will try another one of these and see if it works..
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