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TiVo guide color

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With this last update, my online TiVo guide turned a dark color. It was a bright blue and easy to read, but now it is dark and dingy and hard to read. How can I change the color of the online guide. Even the progress bar at the botom of the screen is dark and dingy. Mainly when I push the right arrow to bring up the guide for the current program it is dark and dingy. Help?
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Have you tried a reboot?
My understanding is that this is part of the new graphics and color scheme that was implemented with the 9.1 update. I think you're stuck with it. The colors and graphics were meant to mirror those of the new TiVoHD and Series 3 units.

Personally, I kind of like the new colors. Now if they could only work out all the new bugs they introduced....
They are dark and dingy and make the graphics hard to read. Mine are so dark that they look black. They should at least give you the option to change them.
Huh, I guess they are slightly darker. I didn't notice until now. But by no means are my menus even remotely "almost black." If your menus are almost black, then I would guess that you need to calibrate your set.
My HDTV picture is great, even with an SD TiVo
jerryez said:
My HDTV picture is great, even with an SD TiVo
I'm sure your picture is lovely. Have you properly calibrated it?
My TV has been calibrated and even the SD picture is acceptable. The only problem is on the guide on both of the TiVo's the guide is very dark ever since that last update. The picture underneath the guide is perfect. TiVo please go back to the previous colors before the update.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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