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Tivo Forgetting Lifetime Service Level

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Hey Folks ...

LOVE this forum and have been a LONG time lurker and learned a lot from all of you.

Now, I have seen this type of topic covered, but not really "resolved". Hate to repost but want to get this detailed issue posted to see if there IS an issue!

Here is the deal.

(1) Pioneer 810 with Burner with Lifetime Service for a couple of years with no problems whatsoever.

(2) Linksys Wireless Adapter

(3) Good connection and has accessed the tivo service EVERY day with no failures that I can see.

Bottom line ... the thing has been working PERFECTLY for a couple of years without fail. Nothing has changed or has been touched or moved. And the ONLY changes to the TIVO have been the software updates that are done by Tivo.

Here is the issue.

The box keeps losing Lifetime Service level .....

A few weeks ago the wife calls me in saying that there is some message where "Tivo Service Not Available" and to call with my service number for an upgrade. I did a quick system check and saw that the service status was indeed saying ... A:

Not the normal C: and the time stamp.

Spoke to a nice Tivo rep that said that my account was in good standing and he sees that my Tivo has indeed called in successfully every day (including that day).

He suggested a reboot (which I did and expected).

After I did that the service level was just fine and everything worked OK.

It "fixed" itself after a reboot and NOTHING else!

Fast forward to tonight. The wife again says there is the SAME issue, so we do a "three thumbs down" / Enter reboot. AND AGAIN, after it reboots, the service level went from A: to C: XXXXXX with the same time stamp. This was a REBOOT ONLY not a service connection.

I again (just to be sure) called Tivo and they again said, that my account was indeed a LIFETIME in good standing etc. But could not explain the problem (although after a little prodding, he stated that there have been calls about this issue for different units ... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ... interesting).

He gave me the line that I should call Pioneer for tech support etc. But I just know as an "old electrical engineer" that this just SMELLS of a software issue since NONE of this happened after updates etc. (But then again I could be wrong)

The wireless connection shows / tests as fine and there has not been one failed connection attempt.

Unit functions perfectly ... picture is wonderful ... burns DVDs with no problem.

Yes, it IS near an X Box 360 (with their darned noisy power supply) but it has been there for a LONG time.

That all being said ...

Anyone have any ideas about this?
Anyone think this is some 'glitch' with Tivo service?
Anyone have any suggestions?
Should I pull the plug for an hour as someone suggested?

I do NOT want to have to reboot the box every day to be sure my service level is OK!

Again ... LOVE THIS FORUM and THANKS to everyone for their help!

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