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TiVo Firmware Updates?

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I have a Pioneer DVR-810H TiVo machine and I just bought a new Philips 30" widescreen HDTV. However when I tried to setup the remote to work with the TV, none of the codes for Philips worked. Aside from buying a universal remote, is there anything I can do to make the existing remote work with the TV? Are there any firmware updates that I can do so that it gets newer codes? Thanks. :)
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The remote itself is not upgradeable.
I was asking if there were any updates to the TiVo unit that would allow for more codes. If not, then what are some of my options? Does TiVo sell newer remotes that I could buy that would work with my TV?
I understand that. But the control of TVs by the remote is not up to the TiVo box - it's entirely within the firmware of the remote and that is not upgradeable. TiVo does sell new remotes, but whether or not they have had new remote codes added to them is not determinable except by experiment. My advice is to get a nice universal remote such as the Harmony models and move on.
Universal remote 6131 is a great cheap universal with Tivo buttons built right in for the Tivo.
The 6131 can be updated with additional codes also.

$10-20 is your cost
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