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Hello all, I work at a tv station that records daily news reels and then dubs them off to people requesting them. I'm researching a possible solution to make this process much more efficient. Here are my tivo questions:

Can TiVo be seen as a hard drive on a computer? Ex: Can I hook TiVo up to a computer and view the files in a windows explorer type view?

If so, what file type does TiVo record in? MPEG? DV?

Thanks for any help in this matter

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TiVo's not a good solution for this. TiVos cannot be seen as a hard drive. While it is possible to copy programs from a TiVo to a PC, through a feature called TiVoToGo, these are copy-protected. (People have found ways to get around this, but...)

Also, TiVos require a monthly subscription fee to be able to record.

It seems to me that a PC with a TV tuner or three and PVR software would be more appropriate to your needs.
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