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I bought a TiVo just to record Formula One and MotoGP. At present I am pissed off.

A few weeks ago, the TiVo failed to record the Monaco Grand Prix. Why? Because the TiVo was full. However, looking more closely at the details, Formula One is set to my highest priority on the season pass and other programs were on the TiVo that were set to delete as needed that were not deleted... one of those glitches I suppose but this is the ONLY reason I got the TiVo and it can't do its job.

At some point some MotoGP races appeared on CBS instead of speed channel and my season pass was inadequate to record this. I just want to make the damn TiVo record all MotoGP races regardless of channel which led me to use the wishlist instead of the season pass to solve this problem. However, this did not solve the problem!

The season pass mechanism is heavily burdened by stupidity. To record Motorcycle races, I have to choose just Motorcycle racing. I don't want to record ALL motorcycle racing but this is what it forces me to do and it can only do it for one channel. The wishlist would also seemingly be a fix to this problem but is not.

So why doesnt the wishlist magically solve this issue? Due to spelling changes and title changes among channels. One channel might call the program Formula 1 whereas another calls it Formula One. Even more frustrating is when one channel calls it MotoGP where at some point they change it to Moto GP then go back agian.

So what are my suggestions?

1) Make the search system FAR more intelligent. We are dealing with hundreds of channels showing dozens of shows daily. As large a number as this seems its actually a VERY small pool within which to devise a highly intelligent searching system.

2) Allow me to break it down more. I don't want to watch all motorcycle racing, i want to watch specific forms of racing. Just like someone watching their alumni football team may not want to watch all college football. Additionally this surely does not just show up on one channel! Spend some time on the categories and breakdowns so we can be more specific in what we wish to record.

3) Massively imrpove season pass. If I want to record the Formula One seasons I should be able to just say I want to record Formula One perhaps with additional options to record qualifying, practice and the actual race independently. That should be it with obvious quality options. It should be up to TiVo to figure out what channels formula one is on and whether or not the station has change the name a little or misspelled the term. Believe it or not this is actually quite simple to do if someone sat down to work on it.

4) If I watch a show and at the end want to record that show I should be able to go back and tell it to record however much is left in history. For example if I watch a show that starts at 4:30 and ends at 5:00, I may decide at 5:00 that I liked it and I should be able to go into the guide and hit the record program for that program. I thought I could do this in the past and just recently seem to have lost this ability.
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