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Tivo Edge performance with Dolby Vision & Atmos?

  • The Edge ROCKS with proper equipment and content!!

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  • Not sure, my equipment may need upgrades..

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  • I am experiencing so so performance even with proper equipment and content..

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Hi TiVo forum!

Has anyone noticed any big differences in sight & sound with these new Dolby technologies using qualified audio/visual equipment?

I have a Samsung Q80 4K smart tv linked with the Samsung/HK Q80R audio bar. Both are driven by a TiVo Bolt+, Ruku and integrated apps on the smart tv.

Everything works very well but the TiVo Bolt+ only sends 4K video (not Dolby Vision) & Atmos audio is not supported by the Bolt? Atmos is detected on the Q80R when streaming through integrated apps on tv or Roku. Seems like the Bolt+ is the choke point?

I am wondering if its worth upgrading to the Edge for cablecard and Verizon FIOS content?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience and for voting!
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