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Tivo Edge performance with Dolby Vision & Atmos?

  • The Edge ROCKS with proper equipment and content!!

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  • Not sure, my equipment may need upgrades..

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  • I am experiencing so so performance even with proper equipment and content..

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Hi TiVo forum!

Has anyone noticed any big differences in sight & sound with these new Dolby technologies using qualified audio/visual equipment?

I have a Samsung Q80 4K smart tv linked with the Samsung/HK Q80R audio bar. Both are driven by a TiVo Bolt+, Ruku and integrated apps on the smart tv.

Everything works very well but the TiVo Bolt+ only sends 4K video (not Dolby Vision) & Atmos audio is not supported by the Bolt? Atmos is detected on the Q80R when streaming through integrated apps on tv or Roku. Seems like the Bolt+ is the choke point?

I am wondering if its worth upgrading to the Edge for cablecard and Verizon FIOS content?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience and for voting!
The Samsungs don't support DolbyVision. So it doesn't matter what source you try to send it from, it won't work. They use HDR10+ exclusively.

There is a hack out there using hdfury devices to trick your source into thinking it does support DV in which it then uses the sony lldv version of it disguised as regular HDR10, if you're interested. There's a huge thread about it on avs forums.
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