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I have, without any luck, been able to transfer a recording from my TiVo unit (Toshiba Series 2 w/ DVD player). It is on a wireless network, which has been working flawlessly (other than this issue). The DVR has been showing a consistent 80% network signal strength.

When running TiVo Desktop 2.2, the DVR is recognized--including its IP address and full list of recordings.

However, once I start to transfer a recording, the first part downloads (about 4MB), and then the transfer is interrupted. During this one minute period, the network signal strength showing on the DVR drops from 80% to "none." At this point, the only way I can get the DVR to reconnect is to restart the DVR. Keep in mind that this lost connection has only occurred when I attempted to transfer recordings.

Does anyone have any ideas how to remedy this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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