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TIVO dual tuner to FIOS?

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I have looked everywhere and talked to stores selling TIVO's but cannot get an answer as to how you hookup a S3 TIVO box to Verizon FIOS cable?

I have been using Direct TV since it came out and have used Ultimate TV and now a Direct TIVO box with dual tuners. I cannot live without it but I want to move up to HD and FIOS is available in my area now. If I go to FIOS and purchase a S3 TIVO, how do you set the tivo to talk to dual tuners? Do I have to get 2 FIOS boxes and use IR or is there a better solution? Nobody seems to be able to answer how to set this up.

Can anyone on this forum point me in the right direction?


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The S3 does not use cable boxes. You would need two cable cards from Verizon to use the dual tuners. There are many Fios threads in the Series 3 part of this forum if you want much more information.
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