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To people smarter than I am....

Can't figure this one out. I'm not a tech guy, but i have all the cords hooked up and no picture.

Cable from wall into Sattelite box. Out from sattelite into Tivo. Out from Tivo into TV. (I use the red/white/yellow cords). I'm not even worried about channel changing yet because I can't get any picture. When I turn it on I see the Tivo logo and perimeter and can even go to menu and settings , but when I go to live tv - nothing (it goes to that screen saying it can't get signal and asks me to check my hook ups or change the channels, etc)... To make sure cables worked i unplugged everything and went right from sattelite to Tv and got a picture. But then I try and run through Tivo and won't work. Am I missing something ?? Please advise...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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