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I need some help! I'm a consultant that works in Australia. I have two Tivo's both are Philips series 1 Tivo's, (HDR31202 & HDR312). I have one at my friend’s house in California recording all of my favorite shows, and one in Sydney. When I go home to San Diego, about every six months, I switch the drives and bring the newly recorded drives back with me. Both Tivo's have 160mb HD's. It gives me over 300hrs. The other day I unplugged my Tivo to move it and when I plug it in I got the please wait screen. Then the screen flickered and went back to the please wait screen. That’s all it does now. I figured the hard drives have finally died. Is there anyway to get the shows off of the drives onto new drives? I just got down under and won't be back till June. This really sucks since Australia only has 5 TV channels and runs about 1 year behind the U.S. in most shows. The drives that have failed are 2 Maxtor 160mb about 3 years old. I can hear them both running. I have powered the Tivo on and off with no luck. Any help would be great. I'm not and computer wiz, but I can handle work on computers if I have the proper instruction.
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