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i have the tivo set up for recording shows and all
that works like a charm and is awesome

but i have problem with what i really want to do with it

i am running xp with IE

i have a basic wired network
internet to router

router to pc and tivo

tivo is able to go online via internet
pc recognizes tivo in the netowrk
if i add the tivo ip to my adderess bar it recognizes it

the tivo doesnt recognize my pc

i had to download software tivo desktop 2.2

i downloaded the file

went through the installation steps until it gets to the final step
then i get an error messege about the tivo beacon saying it is waiting for the tivo beacon and it may be unistalled

i tried these various things

*disabled my xp firewall(only one i have)
* turned off sp2 pop up blocker (only one i have)
*uninstalled reinstalled each time and also tried with different options checked for the tivo desktop application (conserning shortcuts etc.)
* went into my computer into manage and went to the tivo beacon application and started it manualy
*went into my system registry and added quotes to the tivo beacon system process (that was a step suggested by someone on a tivo messege board)

nothing works

and now i get a dial up connection messege when online

it has
connect to
user name

the only connect to option is dial up

i x it off and it makes me work offline
so i click on connect and it trys to dial but fails and i stay online

i need help

i called tech support at tivo

this idiot told me to uninstall tivo
search for *.tivo in my files
it found nothing

then reinstall tivo

and it didnt do anything still had the same problem

and thats all he had to offer

i asked him what else it could be
he said he wasnt a software engineer and told me that my computer cant finish installing the application because of viruses and spyware (cheap copout)

just to prove him wrong
i ran
*macafee virus scan online
*adaware and DL newest updates
*spybot and DL newest updates
*defragged my hard drive
*ran check disk
*cleaned up my system resources

all no probs

only thing is my HD only has 8% capacity left but thats still lts of room like 7 gigs of space

what else can i do

what is the dial up connection messege

how can i connect my tivo to my PC so i can stream music into my front room???!?!?!

there has to be some other type of option to fix this

help is greatly appreciated

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they are on the same network

i tried to install galeon instead

i DL it and restarted my cpu the tivo desktop launced
i published my files

went to the tivo
enetered the servers ip
didnt recognize

went back to the cpu

tivo beacon error messege again

what the ****s the deal

can someone help me?
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