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tivo desktop plus / video list empty in NP

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I've googled and searched the forums but failed to find a remedy for this.

I have two Tivos (series 3, software version 11.0) and multiple PCs on my home network. For a long time I've Tivo Desktop to play music stored on my PCs on my television through the Tivo menu. In the past week I upgraded to Tivo Desktop Plus (2.8.2) to try to also play videos stored on my PC from Tivo. So in Tivo Desktop Plus I added my video directory in the shared video sections, with the sub-folders and auto-transfer options set to No. From my Tivo Now Playing List menus, at the bottom I see a Now Playing on <pc name> entry (actually two of them, as I have two PC fileservers, one with some audio and a new one with some videos), but when I select the Now Playing on to the one with videos, I get a "the now playing on <pc name> has no recordings" message.

Unlike some other forum posts I've seen, this is the first time I'm trying this and it's never worked, it's not the case for me that something changed and it stopped working.

Another note - the audio continues to work as expected - I can go to Music, Photos, and Showcases and see the audio stored on my PC fileserver with audio content.

Thanks very much in advance for any guidance.
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Try transferring a show from the TiVo to the PC. If it shows up in the NPL on your TiVos, there's probably something about the format of your videos that Plus can't handle. Here's the list of supported formats from TiVo's site.

Windows Media Video (.wmv)
QuickTime Movie (.mov)
MPEG-4/H.264 (.mp4, .m4v, .mp4v)
MPEG-2 (.mpg, .mpeg, .mpe, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpv2)
DivX or Xvid (.avi, .divx, encoded with the DivX codec, version 4 or higher, or with the Xvid codec. No other video formats are supported within .AVI files.)

If it still says that <pc> has no recordings once there's a .TiVo file there, it's probably an issue with your firewall.
Thank you so much! Attempting to do that exposed my error. I had a wrong media access key set in my Tivo Desktop Plus. Now I can play my videos perfectly.

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