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Trying to help my dad with a problem he is experiencing with TiVo Desktop... Here is what he said
When I tried to transfer files from the TIVO to a network drive attached
to my main desktop computer, I get the error of 'network address not
found' or 'network address invalid' or something like that. This has
happened at the beginning of a transfer and in the middle after several
files have transfered successfully. It has occurred at the beginning of
a file or in the middle of a file. No pattern that I can see except the
transfer operation stops and there is no way to reset the system and get
the transfer started again. The only thing I have figured out to do is
to delete the entire transfer que and start all over again.
Can anyone help with this? I believe that the deleting things one-at-a-time with the Transfer Queue is just the way that the Desktop works... but what about the network address not found/invalid ?

I believe that his Tivo (Which is either a Series 2 DT if I am not mistaken) uses wired internet through a router.

Thanks in advance,

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