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I've had a problem both on my XP and Vista boxes, where videos taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-T10 camera would not play correctly under Windows Media Player. They would stutter and hang, and only play about 1 second.

I was never sure of the problem, but it was a big drag.

I delved into the problem using the GSpot expert codec tool, where it looked like Tivo-Desktop supplied MPEG codecs were in the prefered path to play my Sony videos.

I uninstalled Tivo Desktop, and my Sony videos play fine now.

I don't know how to get Tivo Desktop to co-exist with Windows Media MPEG1 codecs, but figured I'd post this insight in case anyone else had a similar problem. I couldn't find a good answer by searching around...

Anyone seen anything like this? Any solution allowing Tivo Desktop AND me to be able to play these MPEG videos taken from digital cameras?

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I have same camera and videos I've made with it play ok on my PC with Tivo Desktop installed.

Are you saying you have Plu$ version of Tivo Desktop and the codec that comes with it is the problem?

(I don't have Tivo Desktop Plus)

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There is a way to fix this, but it is very technical and requires fiddling with registry settings. Basically you have to lower the merits of the MainConcept codecs (the ones that are installed by TiVo Desktop). This allows Windows to use your codecs and TiVo Desktop to use it's own (since it is hardcoded to use the MainConcept ones).

I have a script file I wrote that does this since the MainConcept codecs prevented me from playing back certain files on my PC (I had either no video or frozen video or no audio). My script might be overkill though since it lowers all the merits and not just the mpeg ones. I'll look it up when I get the chance.
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