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I have TiVo Desktop 2.3 installed on my (personal) laptop. I want to install version 2.5 on a much faster desktop, obviously for speed needed in working with video files.

While KidZone on the TiVo keeps my younger kids away from Family Guy, etc, I'm thinking that there's no such thing on TiVo Desktop. IOW, anyone who can run TD can have access to all recordings saved on the TiVo. Am I right? Is there any way to limit access without just taking the TD shortcut off their user's start menu and "claiming" that TD is not installed?


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One of the problems I'm having with Kidzone and Tivo Desktop is the video files that I transfer from my PC to the TiVo.

I ripped some of my daughters favorite DVDs and some shorts and chapters from some DVDs and transfered them to the TiVo series 2 so we(she) could watch them whenever, without having to find and swap DVD's all the time.

The problem is that with Kidzone enabled, you can't get to any of these TTCB shows and when I try to add them to Kidzone like I would any other show, they don't allow me to select them, they have a red circle with the line through it like they aren't allowed to be added to Kidzone.

It doesn't make any sense to me that non-tivo recorded shows would be excluded from being added to the Kidzone now playing list.
It probably has to do with them not having a series ID or a rating, but still I should be able to select any show in my now playing list to allow it to show up in the kidzone now playing list.

windracer said:
I thought that when parental controls were enabled, you can't use TiVo Desktop to transfer shows.
Nope. With Kidzone enabled you can still transfer any show from the TiVo to the PC.
You can't get to the MRV menu though to transfer shows from the PC back to the TiVo.

I don't know of any way to block it Sniffy short of controlling the Kids access to the PC.
You could log on to TiVo.com and disable video transfers then re-enable when you need to but it can take some time for changes to that setting to take effect on your TiVO.
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