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I have question so with 2.5 you can take a video off your computer music video or movie and transfer it to Tivo and watch it if it's in the right format? Cause I have 2.3a on both my computers and never upgraded one cause my desktop is Vista 32 bit and as long as it works I don't want to mess with it. But my laptop has XP so I may try the 2.5 if that is a new feature. But I am going to get the plus soon cause I am getting a portable video player next week that uses mpeg4.

Also I am getting a portable video player next week. I was wanting this Archos 605 Wi Fi that is coming out on 9/1. I was told it took mpeg4. I know with plus I can convert to mpeg 4 but on Tivo's website it says what portable devices it is compatible with and it doesn't list the brand I am getting Archos. I hope it still works as long as it's in mpeg4.

Also does anyone know my new pc came with Roxio 9 everytime I try to burn this one Tivo show to DVD it locks up. It says it's transferring or something and one thing says 20% and then it says something about temprary files 5% and both times I've tried it it locks up at the same point. Tivo was asking me if my burner was plus minus or just one and not both I didn't know. Burner came with my new HP Vista pc. Do I need Roxio Creator 9 Suite and is it maybe because I have the basic. Roxio said Basic will work. I don't know.

Edit: Ok I did a search on my computer on line and it says this about my burner

Optical Drive Type DVD±RW Dual Layer

Optical Drive Read Speed 16x (DVD) • 40x (CD)

Optical Drive Write Speed 40x (CD-R) • 16x (DVD+R) • 8x (DVD+R Dual Layer) • 4x (DVD-R Dual Layer)

Optical Drive ReWrite Speed 32x (CD-RW) • 8x (DVD+RW) • 6x (DVD-RW) • 5x (DVD-RAM)

So does that mean mine is + and - it says it's a dual layer. I bought DVD+R 16X speed and someone at work said they make + and - DVD's and I had no clue this is my 1st burner. I just wonder why my program freezes on burning a Tivo show at the same spot every time I try. But I am getting ready to buy plus desktop since I am buying a portable media player so maybe it would be better for me to covert it then burn it? Rose
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