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Bobeck said:
The videos are avi, mpeg and wmv.
Even with TiVo desktop PLUS...

Only AVI files compressed with the Divx codec will work.
Other avi video formats (Cinepak, MJPEG, Indeo etc...) won't work at all.

EDIT: I was totally wrong about wmv files.
I didn't think they were supported but they do work with the Plus upgrade.

MPEG files are a bit tricky.
You should be able to transfer and view mpeg (.mpg) video files even without the PLUS upgrade to TiVo desktop.
The problem is the MPEG1 file has to be encoded in just the right way to work properly, Plus or no plus. I don't know off hand what the specific encoding requirements are but the resolution, framerate, audio codec, etc.. all have to be exactly right.
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