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TokyoShoe said:
This feature is apart of the "TivoToGo" package of features, which .. alas, is NOT enabled on the Series 3 Tivo's yet (including your and my TiVo HD). Yes... I was as upset and disappointed as you probably are right now.

Apparently TiVo Inc. wants to take an "All or Nothing" approach to this feature, holding off entirely on its' release and enabling until they get one or two last minute legalistics and quirks regarding HD video files ironed out. You'll be able to share music to your Tivo, share photos to your Tivo.. but you will not be able to pull Tivo recordings off your Series 3.. nor will you be able to share videos TO the Series 3. TivoToGo has to be enabled for that, unfortunately.
Damn it. $800 for each of my two "upgrades" to series 3 and I still can't stream video to my TVs.

Plus, I bought an HDTV with lots of inputs so I could switch sources on the TV and send the audio from the TV to my receiver. But, The damn HDMI from tivo audio will not go through the TV and out to the receiver. I get 3 seconds of audio then dead.

All this HDCP / Legal BS is sickening. It makes every user suffer and solves NOTHING!!!!!! The thieves will EASILY find a way around. And this kind of crap, I would bet, ENCOURAGES an increase in good folks turned to alternative methods.
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