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Wondered if others share my view of this version of the software. One fellow Tivo'er suggested just uninstalling and sticking with version 2.1. My problem is that the user interface always locks up while I am transferring wirelessly to the PC. The server portion still downloads the requested program, however. It's just a pain to not be able to easily track progress or cancel a transfer. Hope the next version fixes this AND adds a "pause" transfer feature :eek:

Router: Linksys WRT54G
Transmitter: D-Link DWL-G120

Possibly not related to version 2.2: Heaven forbid I pause Tivo while the download is in progress ;) That will always result in a Tivo reboot within a few minutes! If Tivo reboots, the Tivo Desktop Server will either start all over with the download or pick up where it left off.
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