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I just had a strange thing happen. Over the last couple days, I got this nagging feeling that my Tivo wasn't recording things it should be. For example, I have a season pass for The Office, but when I went to watch it Friday morning, it wasn't there.

This morning I turned on the TV to see what Tivo had recorded for me overnight. Nothing. In fact, going to Now Playing, I see that nothing has been recorded since Thursday 1/5! (Today is 1/7.) And here's where it gets weirder. I go to my "To Do" list to make sure that there are things coming up to record. A bunch of things showed up, but the item at the top of the list was dated 1/5 on my To-Do list. Other than this top-most item, everything else was dated in the future as expected. The System Information menu showed today's (1/7) correct date and time.

Now I flip to live TV and hit the Record button. It asks for confirmation and I hit okay. The menu comes back, but the red light on the Tivo is not on. It's like it ignored me. I try it again. Instead of telling me the program is already being recorded, it asks for confirmation again. It's almost like Tivo was unable to write to the drive anymore! Everything was read-only.

In any case, I power-cycled the box and everything seems normal now. Very strange. The Tivo is on a UPS, so it had been running for months. I guess it was a bug.

- Chris
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