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TiVo CS is great!!!

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I bought a TiVo on Ebay w/lifetime and needed to get the unit put on my account so that I can use MRV etc, so I called customer service (hold time 45 sec.) and talked to someone in account activation, but she was of little help, but when she realized what I needed she transfered me to another dept (hold time 20 minutes) who I talked to for less than a minute and everything was done. I went straight to my pc and to my Tivo.com account and there it was.

All of my previous experiences with TiVo customer service were similar. so I give Tivo cs :up: :up: :up: and a :D
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I've also been very happy with the CS I've gotten from TiVo in the past. I know not everyone has such a good experience, but you tend to only hear from the dissatisfied people.
Is it wrong for me to want to bump a thread like this? :D
TiVoJerry said:
Is it wrong for me to want to bump a thread like this? :D
yes it is....but we will ignore it this time
Awesome... kind words are so much easier to read!!!
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