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I'm a bit confused. Please bare with my stupidity. Thanks. :D

My TiVo is hooked up to my phone line now, but everything I read makes it seem like having TiVo connected via my broadband connection would make the world a better place.

My problem is... I am a bit confused as to what I need to make this happen.

Everything I read mentions the phrase "connect TiVo to your home network." I don't have a home network.

I have one computer that is online via a cable modem.
I have one TiVo Series 2.

What exactly am I missing here? What do I need to do to make this happen?

Thanks for any help.

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From your description, you have a home network, just a really small one. :) That would be your cable modem and your computer. To expand it a little, you will need a couple of things.

For starters, you'll need a router between your cable modem and your computer. Most new routers are also small ethernet hubs, some also include wireless capability. The router will become your new home network. Then you'll need a USB to ethernet adapter, to connect your TiVo to your new home network. Be sure you choose one that is compatible with your TiVo, or you won't be networking.

To get started, go to www.tivo.com and look in the support section, search for ethernet. You should find links to pages about the right adapter to use with your TiVo and other stuff.

Good luck.

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I'll bite but I'm no expert. Basically, you want phone line | Cable modem | Router | Computer --- Tivo --- other networked devices.

Sounds like you plug your ethernet cable from your computer directly into your cable modem. You should go buy a Linksys wired or wireless router that will allow more than one computer to share your hi-speed internet connection. Then you can plug both Tivo and computer into you rnew home network and use that connection instead of dialup to get program guide, transfer recordings to PC, etc.

There should be "setting up a home network" guides all over the web for help in how to do it. You really need a minimum of hardware and you'll love it.

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