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steve101 said:
On both the Tivo Central comes up in 720p regardless of what the current
channel format is. If I am watching SD (480i) there is some delay while
the resolution changes and particularly on the Series3 there is some
screen garbling of the picture during that interval.
Funny, on my new HD, Tivo Central always comes up as 420p if I'm in Native or Hybrid. And the couple of seconds of "garbling" during the switch is excessive.

I recently switched from a SA 8300 HD (Cablevision) to Tivo HD. There are a couple of things here that the 8300 HD does better. (And I'm a long time Tivo Lover with a S1 from 2000.)

First of all, I strongly prefer Native output, with Hybrid coming in second. My rational is
1) The fewer conversions the better,
2) My (most) TVs do better scaling (if they have to) than Tivo.

Suggestion 1: Improve the transition from one resolution to another. Yes, the TV is part of this equation, but it was never this annoying on the 8300 HD.

Suggestion 2: Run the menus in whatever mode you were last in for video. That is if you're watching 1080i video and bring up the menus bring them up in 1080i, etc. This reduce the mode transitions by at least half for Native and Hybrid users. We know the Tivo can do menus at all these resolutions because of how it behaves when you make the resolution Fixed.

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