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Often when altering the volume, the TV will mute and then am unable to have the volume come back on without turning the TV off & back on. Also when turning the TV back on, it will often just come back on with a gray screen - the volume will be on, but just a gray screen. The only way to resolve this is to actually unplug the TV.

I know this sounds more like a problem with my TV, but it didn't start to happen until we began using the TIVO system.

Has anyone else experienced this?? Is there a fix?

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My brakes are bad on my car. When I push them in, nothing happens until I hit the person in front of me. MY insurance is SKY HIGH!

I know this sounds like I need new brakes, but I swear it wasn't like this until I put in that Orange Winter Blend Windshield Washer Fluid.

:D :D :D Seriously, if you think the TiVo is causing this, unhook the TiVo and test your theory. But, I think you have a problem with your Television. Check your connections on both ends. If they are ok, take the TiVo out of the loop and see what happens.
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