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Is there a TiVo/Dvr that allows camera attachment for playback without a subscription? I coach gymnastics and what I want to do is attach a camera to the TiVo to record the gymnasts. Then when they finish a turn they go watch it (so they can pause rewind) while it is still recording another athlete.

we have one series one that we are able to trick into doing this. We don’t have phone line anymore to set up another. Can anyone think of an easy way to do this with another device?

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The last model series that can do this is Series 2, using the composite yellow/audio left/right.

If you want to find one, try Ebay. Look for one with lifetime service, and you would need it to connect to network, ethernet through USB adapter or Tivo Wireless G adapter AG0100. It would need network access for guided setup and the inputs.

Don't get one without service as it cannot be activated anymore (too old).
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