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Tivo button stopped working 161-4 error

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I have had my Series 3 Tivo since last September and on Monday had my two cable cards installed. There were a few issues with Comcast getting them installed but they were working correctly with in a few hours of the tech leaving.

Last night the Tivo button stopped working on the remote and then I even tried to use the Tivo button on the front of the unit itself and that did not work either.

I was trying to make a network connection and my cable had came unplugged so I pulled the plug on the unit to restart it.

The Tivo button was working fine after the restart. I also changed the batteries in my remote as well. All my channels were working last night.

This morning I get up and the 161-4 error is showing and after messing around I have no channels but after a few miniutes they came back and all seems to be fine.

Why did this happen? or should I not be concerned?
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From what I can find error 161-4 indicates that the cablecards are resetting. The error goes away once the reset is complete. As to why they are resetting, can't help you there.
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