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Yeah this ploy ($99/$99 - Bolt/Annual subscription got me to pull the trigger after months of agonizing over it. I also got a bolt mini vox from a Friend used for $75. this will be my first foray into TiVo.

I’m on spectrum and currently have 2 of their DVRs and a regular box. So the box fees and DVR service fee total $43/month. To make matters worse one of my DVRs crapped out 2 weeks ago and I swapped it out at a store and went from an Arris Box (2016 build) to a Cisco with a manufactured date of 2010. It’s all they had. Wasn’t surprised when recordings skipped and stuttered. That day I just happed to go to the TiVo site, saw the sale and ordered.

I figure I’m not out too much. Just the $288ish upfront cost and $2 monthly rental for the cable card. I just hope to avoid the worst issues with the tuning adapter.

Planning to get things set up and working this weekend. Then dump the DVR that doesn’t work and my regular cable box. Then live with TiVo and one spectrum DVR for a month or so to be sure we can iron out whatever kinks I have with TiVo. Then if I’m happy dump the other spectrum DVR and their $19.99 monthly DVR service fee. Of course then I would probably buy another mini for the bedroom. I am not looking for a great streaming experience from TiVo. I have Rokus and ATVs running Infuse that serve up my 24TB worth of Blu/DVD rips and provide my on demand content and minor streaming. All I want from TiVo is a cable box/whole house DVR solution that records reliably and serves up my tier 1 pkg from Spectrum. I just want to rid myself of the fees and garbage equipment provided by Spectrum. And provide the ability to switch back and forth with FIOS without changing my viewing and internet experience drastically (I have my own router too - Synology mesh). For this I think I am an ideal TiVo fit. Tell me I’m not wrong. Kidding.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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