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Tivo Bolt stopped recording

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My Tivo Bolt stopped recording a show on MeTv channel all of a sudden that was on OnePass. It records the next show ok that's on the same channel and on OnePass. I deleted the OnePass for the show that's not recording and re-entered it and had no luck. There is no conflict with any other recording. I had watched almost 3 episodes and it just stopped. recording. I took it off OnePass and manual recorded it but I wont know if that worked until tomorrow.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
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Program name?
Check the channel live if there is picture.

Tivo will not record when there is no signal. The red light will still come on when its recording whether there's signal or not.
Highway Patrol
Sorry, they all look good on my guide. But I would set my 1P to All, not New & Repeats, since they don't seem to have duplicates.

To check the previous theory, I would add the next program as a 1P, since loss of signal may last over 30 minutes.
This is a very common problem with my Bolts (especially with old TV series reruns on these secondary channels), and it seems to be related to the garbage data that Bad_Rovi now uses for the Guide. There are two fixes that usually work (but not always on the same program). SOMETIMES, just deleting the 1P and setting up a new one will fix it, but more often than not, I have to change the 1P to record EVERYTHING and accept all the duplicates it records too.

Although I blame this problem mostly on bad Guide data, there is clearly also a bug in the software. I had one program where the 1P worked fine for over a year, and then it 'mostly' just stopped recording. After about two or three months of no new programs being recorded, the history showed that they were all being rejected as "duplicates". This was absolutely impossible, since my recorded episodes only had about 5 shows out there (none with the same episode info as the rejected new recordings) and I had not watched/deleted any at all in over 60 days. In another case I found that the specific show usually had detailed episode information for every episode, but occasionally it was listed with just generic information that included only the show name and no episode information - For that program, the Bolt was rejecting every single one with detailed episode information as "duplicate", but all the ones with only generic show names were still being recorded.

The software from this terrible company has become so bad that it seems to me that nothing can be trusted anymore.
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