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So I am posting this here to warn people before they spend money on a dead Bolt. This was my 3rd bolt unit from Tivo. The first one was replaced within 8 months when it would not pair with cable card.
The second and third unit both died with the single red flash on power on. You will hear the fan and hard drive come on, but the lights and network lights won't light. You get a single red flash on inserting the power cord.
The first time this happened tivo replaced it with a unit manufactured in 2020 which I was happy about until in less than a year it also died from the same issue.
They would not replace it or offer me anything at all. They tried to sell me a Edge, but I am not interested in spending huge amounts of money after getting ripped off with these garbage Bolts.

They referred me to Weaknees for a repair and since it was lifetime sub, I sent it to them for repair.
Weaknees said it was beyond repair because of the motherboard components. They offered me a refurbed Bolt with lifetime for 299 - 50 I spent on the diagnostic. I also bought the 3 year warranty since I know these units are trash.

So moral of the story, if you have a unit matching the single red flash, it's quite likely its not repairable.
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