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I bought a Tivo Bolt VOX and a two Mini VOX devices almost two years ago. Originally, the Bolt VOX (the actual DVR) was connected to my living room TV, and the mini's were connected to inexpensive TV's in the bedrooms.

The main Tivo unit worked perfectly with my TV's HDMI-CEC. I could press a button on the Tivo remote, and the TV & AVR would select the correct input.

I recently moved. In my old apartment, all of my networking equipment was jammed onto the shelves in my TV stand. It was a mess.

In my new place, I have a large closet where I can put all of my networking gear. I installed an 8U rack in my walk-in closet. My network switch, router, modem, Tivo Bolt VOX, NAS, and several other devices are in this rack.

This closet is perfectly located so that I can connect my bedroom TV to the Bolt VOX (by drilling a hole in the wall).


I connected one of the Tivo Mini VOX devices to the living room TV.

But... now, I discovered that the MINI does NOT support HDMI-CEC. See article here:
Tivo Customer Support Community

Here is the question:

Do any of you know if the Tivo Mini VOX contains the necessary HARDWARE for HDMI-CEC?

The reason I ask is thus: If the MINI contains the HARDWARE, then maybe... just maybe... Tivo will implement the firmware/software to make the MINI communicate with other HDMI-CEC devices.

I am surprised that the Mini does not support HDMI-CEC.
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