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I have a Bolt (TE3) that is using external 3.5 16TB drive (upgraded from 8TB 2 weeks ago) that just started to get stuck in boot loop/green screen. I have tried kickstart 58 but no success. Have also tried mfsck -m 1 /dev/sdA from mfstools 3.34-3 to mark the drive OK but reverts to bad as soon as installed in Bolt. Here is my mfsinfo, but really intended just as FYI as this was working for 2+ weeks prior to issue.
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This is the information I think could be pertinent.
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Are the unchained inodes the real problem with the boot loop and if so can they reasonably be fixed or is this drive doomed to be reformatted? Either way, what is the process to get it in a usable state.
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