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I'm a bit confused. I tried reading/searching here but there's lots of threads with conflicting info or maybe I'm just not understanding.

I've had multiple Tivo's in the past and have upgraded drives without any issues.
However, I now have a Tivo Bolt (white box TCD849500) 500 GB and a Tivo Bolt Vox (TCD849500V) 500 GB

I'd like to upgrade the HD to at least 1 TB, but 2 TB is fine.

It seems nobody recommends the 'expansion' option, and goes the replacement route. Fine, I can handle that.

However, I'm getting the impression that none of the replacement drives will survive long and just die?

Or is that only for drives over 3 TB?

If less than 3 TB is "stable" (TE4, I should clarify), I'd go with the Toshiba one that used to be recommended.
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