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Tivo Being Used for Closed Circuit TV

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Greetings all,

Had a question and hopefully this won't be one that has been answered or addressed.

I'm working with an 3-day anime convention out of Chicago "AnimeCentral" happening in May. We want to use a TIVO to hold all the footage that we will be showing on close circuit TV that the hotel is providing. We have the option of using DVDs but they can't possibly hold enough footage and we get charged everytime they change out a DVD (union engineers).

So I'm trying to find out is it feasible to download various screeners, videos and graphics into the TIVO to play for 3 days straight with some rough editing involved? Meaning I can dump down footage, arrange the playing order (Friday footage, Saturday footage, Sunday footage) and have it all run non-stop without us touching it?

I can edit with Premiere but with a project of this size it would be a nightmare. Optimally I would like to dump or capture from a DVD player (playing on the TV?) to the Tivo and then be able to move around the playing order to desired. Obviously some sections would be done in Premier and then dumped in between larger DVD captured features and such.

Am I crazy or what? :eek:

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate this as I don't have a TIVO and I'm looking into this for a strictly volunteer effort. Our show had nearly 10,000 attendees last year and I would really like to give them as much as we can.

Thanks again!

- Locke
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No - TiVo will not serve your needs here. In particular, there is no method available to play multiple recordings in sequence or a loop. (This has been requested by parents of young children, however..)

I would think that simple video capture to a PC using a PVR card will yield a series of files you can play in any order using a simple script.
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