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TiVo audio/video "glitch" on just 1 channel

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I have Comcast cable service with a M card in my TiVoHD. On recordings of MSNBC channel, I get an audio and video glitch somewhere between 1 and 4 minutes into the program. In the linked example, the glitch occurs at 00:01:23. This seems to happen regardless of when a program is broadcast. I'm wavering between a CC problem and a TiVo problem, but Comcast will charge me for a truck roll to determine if the CC is at fault, and since it's intermittent, I'm hesitant to obligate myself for (perhaps) multiple truck rolls. Another TiVo on the same cable feed does not exhibit the problem. I do not see it on any other channels, but I haven't tested that exhaustively. Any suggestions appreciated!
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Did this just start or is this a new TiVo, or what changed recently?

What model is the other TiVo? What are the signal strength, SNR and RS Error counts on this channel for both boxes, from DVR Diagnostics.

Try swapping the locations of the two TiVo's. Does the problem stick to the box or to the location?
Started recently on my 3 year old TiVoHD. The second TiVo is a Premiere connected on the same cable feed. No recent changes. Both have CCs and are fed from the same wall outlet via a splitter. Both are supplied through a VR UPS.
I just ran through setup again, hoping I could disable the CC to eliminate that from the equation, but the TiVo wouldn't let me ignore the CC. I considered removing it temporarily, and doing a full setup to see if it made any difference, but the CSR at Comcast dissuaded me from that, saying it would take a truck roll to get the CC working again. Not sure if that's a fact or just "good salesmanship" on the part of the CSR.
After running through seup again, however, I recorded two shows on the offending channel and did not yet hear the audio glitch. I have it set to record this evening in the time slot where it occurs repeatedly, but as it's the weekend, it will not be the same show.
I'll add to this if I learn anything new.
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