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Tivo app lists today's To Do recordings as "yesterday"!?

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The Tivo app on my Galaxy S9 running Android 10 shows the proper items in the To-do list in the proper chronological order, but everything shows up a day "behind" like it thinks the current time is a day in the future. Anyone else seeing this? Connecting to a Premiere/4. The local to-do list on the Premiere menu via display is correct, so its just an app problem. I deleted all app data, removed and reinstalled, and restarted my phone several times and still no joy, does the same thing. I don't use the app hardly at all, so I can't say if it always did this, but I don't recall seeing it before.

Screen shot below is from today (Sun Sep 27) to illustrate the problem. As you can see it lists all of today's items under "Yesterday". Looks like when it gets to using actual dates, it's fine since the entry for Wed 9/30 is the correct date.

(BTW, I removed the title names for the 8PM recordings so things wouldn't get off topic...)

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Ugh, my bad...just found a couple reports in the app comments in the play store about this very issue. Guess I should've checked there first.
I see the same issue. Also found the comments in the Play Store listing. Seems to have been this way for quite a while and no far, I haven't seen it being acknowledged by Tivo at all. Very frustrating.
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