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Isn't this thread interesting...Tivo having 'problems' with recording based on the CCI bit and the CableLab specs.
I don't recall hearing about such problems with the cable company owned DVRs. So their boxes do not have to live up to their own specs? Interesting.

The CCI bytes are set per-channel at the head end and are supposed to be set per the content provider, within limitations set by the FCC. I believe 0x03 (copy never) is only to be used with pay per view at the discretion of the content provider.

The CCI bytes are not chosen by the cable company - the cable company does not OWN the programming, they are merely the conduit for re-transmission and are responsible for maintaining a level of security (DRM) as required by the provider who OWNS the stream. In other words, if UHD does not require copy-once (0x02) to be set, Comcast cannot set 0x02 because they feel like it.
EDIT-I had read this on a spec at cablelabs or the FCC, but now I cannot find this spec...?

Someday, hopefully soon, the RIAA and MPAA will wake up to the fact that the market has changed, and DRM-free is the way to go. If I could download HD movies onto my TiVo/HTPC/whatever to watch whenever I wanted, however many times I wanted, and could archive them to removable storage to save them for next month/year...I would be all over that.

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This is yet another example of how consumer hostile DRM is. Unfortunately TiVo had no choice but to implement it, or they would have never gotten CableLab certification. Well, they had a choice. They could have gone with an OTA/analog cable only version, but that isn't really a choice, is it?
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