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Well, I too have a crappy-a$$ ts360 that D* foisted on me when I subscribed to HDTV...and I too can't get it to work changing channels for all the tea in china... Tried the tent, tried the reboot, tried the enter-to-change thingy.....it always misses at least 1 number.

I called Tivo, and after a few transfers and the interminable wading thru their automated system I got to a guy who said that Tivo has someone whose job it is to do code updates and such, like the issue we're all having here... He also said that I was not the first person to call on the issue with this particular receiver.

He said that they'll likely have a software update fix for this model soon (tho he didnt of course give me any timetables). If and when this happens, users who have called in about the problem will be sent an email telling them to update ther software. I hope this happens soon b/c I'm about at the furniture-throwing stage with this not-being-able-to-record-nothin crap...

He suggested that more people call in to tech support at 877-367-8486 and ask for the problem to be addressed via a software update. So if you haven't called them yet, lets GIT ON IT! The more people whose wheels squeak, the more likely they'll get greased...
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