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Tivo and Samsung SIR-TS360
I am very late to this party, but wonder if anyone ever got the crestron rs-232 port codes. I just bought one of these things on ebay, and landed here trying to figure out how to control it

I got this parital info from another forum, but never saw the completed answer:
There are 49 commands. Each command appears to be made up of 7 hex
words with only the fifth word being different (0x30 through 0x60).
Here are examples of the on and off commands:

On 2A647476490D0A
Off 2A6474764A0D0A

Just looking at these make me think that the Creston is simply sending
these strings to the TS360 to control it.

The file also shows that the serial interface is configured for

Does anyone have any more?
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