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TIVO and satellite future compatibilty is in question?

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I'm thinking about going from Comcast to DISH and I noticed tonight only the $99 TIVO box is "compatible" with satellite... and on top of that it has a feature called "optimized for cable".

Another thing... I know this has nothing to do with TIVO and doesn't help their cause... I heard DirecTV boxes can actuallly export recordings to a pc now. That's one of the only reasons I'm not just using somebody elses DVR.

Also... if my current TIVO isn't broke (80hour Series 2 TIVO brand from a couple years ago) I'm assuming it will work with satellite... but what about the future? Sounds like there are serious satellite support issues.
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The "TiVoHD" and "TiVo Series 3" boxes do not support satellite - cable and off-the-air only. If you want to use a standalone TiVo with satellite, then either the single-tuner or dual-tuner standard-definition models are your choices. Your current TiVo will continue to work with a separate satellite receiver.

DirecTV boxes cannot yet export to a PC. That is still a "future".
Oh yea you're right. The $99 tivo is not HD. I thought it was. I guess I don't really need HD on my TIVO just to make everything work. I'm not sure if my TIVO hdd is fried or not yet. But if I need to get a new one at least I know what to get now. I'd kinda like a DT anyway.

I wonder... how does a dual-tuner TIVO with with a DT sat. box? You have to split your coax up and have separate cables going into 4 diff. plugs?
A Dual-Tuner TiVo can support just a single satellite receiver. The second input can be used for analog unscrambled cable only.

I do not know of any dual-tuner sat boxes that are not themselves DVRs. For those that a TiVo can control, you have access to one tuner only.
Yea... DISH at least... LINK

Do you know how it works? You have to have a bunch of coax cables going in ... or just one IN and two OUT?

I wouldn't be able to control the 2nd sat. tuner anyway. They want to save money on boxes and run the 2nd tuner to another room. Saves me money too and with a DVR gives that 2nd tv it's own tuner and access to recordings from both tv's. So it has some advantages.
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