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Tivo and $ky+HD Box

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HI all.....

So with the Alternative EPG on the verge.... I have a question....

Ca n i rig up my trusty TiVo with the new Sky+HD box that i went and purchased as a replacement?

I seem to remember that many moons ago I did have it connected to an original Sky+ box.

I will not normally set the Sky to recoed its own stuff.... but may do occasionaly (I have a FreeView Humax FoxT2 that will record most of the HD stuff that I want to see)

Before i get the whole lot out and dust it off, i thought i would ask

Cheers M
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From memory it's either 20016 or 20017 (the Sky+ codes) are what you need to control the box. There's even a script that will start the Sky HD box recording in HD as well as TiVo recording a standard def version. Needs a hacked TiVo if I recall correctly.
cool.... i will get things out and dusted off then... and go and hunt for that script... as my box is hacked

Thanks for the info

I can confirm that "Pace 20017" works OK here with the Sky DRX-890C.
All sorted people... thanks....
Although Tivo really does not like being turned off for any length of time....

Had to re do everything, apart form delete and clear all to get it working, again...
I was having errors on downloads, and indexing
Then blue screens where it did not want to know that it had signals

But we are back up again... and thats the main thing :)

have not bothered with the scripts for HD recording yet, as i can see that watching them will cause issues!

Watching HD recordings isn't so bad.

The TiVo will send a "Sky" button press before the channel number so should break cleanly out of what you are watching if TiVo needs to record something. I have known it miss a number but that could have been with my old Thomson Sky HD box - now got a Pace.

The hardest part is remembering to switch the TV to HDMI so I get the benefit - watched quite a few HD progs through the AUX bypass on the TiVo :D
something for me to play with, and get used to i guess...... i will see what I can do :) Thanks
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